Friday, May 10, 2013

Even the Savior of the World needs a Mother, too.

In the words of a song "Even the Savior of the World Need a Mother, too.  He Loves You" (speaking of mothers).   Mothers, surely the Savior of the World, who knows the thoughts and intents of the heart, knows and loves you for what you do for his children. 

From Sr. Dew "Motherhood is more than bearing children, though it is certainly that. It is the essence of who we are as women. It defines our very identity, our divine stature and nature, and the unique traits our Father gave us."

"There is no other joy like a mother finds in the faith of her child." From the Song "No Greater Joy," by Lyndsi Housekeeper. 
picture is "Mother" by Liz Lemon Swindle
You can see a video about mothers set to this song by going here

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