Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sharing your testimony

I encourage you to share with your friends the most valuable thing you have, that is your testimony of the Savior. Think of the joy that can come into another's heart who has been longing to find the truth, but hasn't known where to find it. To start off with, I wanted to share a part of my testimony with you. The Savior lives, he is real, and he is active in our lives as we reach out to him. I was just reflecting on this and thinking that my greatest desire is that others might be able to feel of the Love of the Savior as I have, for it truly changes lives. Christ's Gospel is worth more than any of the riches of the world, and it is free to all.

I know his words are in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Everyone can know for themselves it is true. Prophets in the Book were told what to include in the Book of Mormon for us in our day. You can read where Christ came to the Americas shortly after his resurrection by reading online at . You can also read for yourself Christ's promise in the Book of Mormon by clicking

I know these things are true. Please share a picture and your thoughts with your friends. They, and our Father in Heaven may thank you in the eternities for it.  - Mike, LDS Principles

Picture is I Am by Simon Dewey. Available at Altus Fine Art

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