Thursday, July 3, 2014

Reprint: The Rebirth of Freedom

This is an article I wrote and posted to another blog, but I am republishing it here.  The Blog Address to the original is at the bottom of the page.  

"The American Revolution was the catalyst for events that were being set in motion around the Globe.  At that time, in seedbeds all across the world, seemingly coming from the same mind, the principles of Freedom were being discussed, and actions were being set in motion, actions that began in the United States of America. 

This Great Country became the starting point for freedom to stretch across the globe.  At the first it looked like an experiment about to fail, but with every spark of Faith in the hearts of each person who helped joined the freedom movement, it grew from fledgling idea to the Bastian of Hope it became.

Businesses thrived, churches bells rang, and the principles of Freedom were published for wide access.  People flocked here and built a new life from the dreams they were able to make real.  And yet there were still growing pains.  But the principles of Freedom governed the people, with a government that didn’t intrude too much in the lives of its people, but instead considered that Freedom of the People was a sacred trust that they were given to safeguard.

The America we were is still alive in our dreams and in the hearts of each man and woman who seeks to better their own lives and the lives of others.  But times have changed.  We live in a land of threatened Freedom, times where the Government has forgotten the sacred trust of ensuring Freedom of the People and the protection of their rights. 

Instead, people who are too focused on their own greed have risen to power, seemingly organized as if from one mind, people who are trampling on the principles of Freedom, and instead are passing laws that are transforming this nation into a nation of slaves.  The sacred principles of integrity, honesty, Faith, Love, and Freedom are being pushed aside in the public arena. 

A vocal minority has changed the government, and has altered the principles upon which it stands for.   They have also engineered society in such a way that people are starting to forget that Freedom comes at a price.  This vocal minority placate the masses with movies, popular music, and other media which blind us to the dangers ahead. 

Yet deep inside of each of us is that same spark of Faith that led our Forefathers to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to this cause.  We still have men and women who have followed that spark today, and strive to restore our freedoms.  They strive for a return to morality and a return to the principles that made this country great, and if we return to them, these principles can change the world. 

Those who are already fighting for these principles have taken up the banner, organized themselves into freedom loving organizations.  This is a call to the masses to reach for that faith within us, be inspired by the forefathers who gave birth to this country, and to trust in the hand of the Almighty as we change what we do every day.  Instead of the latest sitcom, spend some time to help in the cause of Freedom, and restore the greatness that once was.   Instead of watching a movie, spend some time to learn about the birth of this great Country.

Finally, become vocal about restoring the principles which liberated our ancestors.  No doubt they watch over us with God in Heaven, hoping and praying we will rely on God as we seek to defend our liberties. 

If all of us were to do this, what a force we could become.  Morality, integrity, honesty, and independence would resonate from every person as they reminded others of the principles that made this country Great.  We would experience a rebirth of hope in this country that could be felt across the globe.    And I hope this has reached into your heart, and has reminded you of that faith within you, and how essential you are in this cause of Freedom."

Picture courtesy of, though this article is not a promotion of any specific Freedom organization, for there are many.  

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