Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Moses seeing Christ and seeing in vision...

May each of us be sons and daughters of God as was Moses. “And calling upon the name of God, he beheld his glory again, … and he heard a voice, saying: Blessed art thou, Moses, for I, the Almighty, have chosen thee, and thou shalt be made stronger than many waters; for they shall obey thy command as if thou wert God. “And lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days; for thou shalt deliver my people from bondage, even Israel my chosen."

“And it came to pass, … Moses cast his eyes and beheld the earth, yea, even all of it; and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold, discerning it by the spirit of God. … “And he beheld also the inhabitants thereof, and there was not a soul which he beheld not; … “And it came to pass that Moses called upon God, saying: Tell me, I pray thee, why these things are so, and by what thou madest them? “And behold, the glory of the Lord was upon Moses, … and [the Lord] talked with him face to face” (Moses 1:25–28, 30–31,30-31 ).

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Picture is Moses seeing Jehovah by Joseph Brickey. Used with permission.

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