Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"I knew I was in the presence of the Savior of the World"

From a man who was in the Presence of the Savior in the Temple, "I was unable to see him, but I knew he was coming towards me in the celestial room.  Then I felt of his presence and his love for me.  I have never felt love like that before, and I knew I was in the presence of the Savior of the World." The Blessings of the Temple are available to all the pure in heart, as the Doctrine and Covenants says  "my glory shall rest upon it; Yea, and my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God" (D & C 97:15-16 http://bit.ly/14GTNd6 )

The temple is the house of the Lord.  May we all go there often to feel of the spirit, and to feel of the presence of the Lord as we are able to do the work and feel the gratitude of those who have gone before us.   

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To meet with representatives from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, go to http://bit.ly/10t9mW7

Picture is of the Vancouver Temple Celestial Room.  

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