Friday, February 12, 2016

Elder Faust relates when he first because acquainted with the Savior

Here is a story from someone who heard Elder Faust speak at a stake conference of his experience with the Savior.  

"After relating this parable to us, he grew silent. I have never seen a General Authority not immediatly regain himself after being choked up. But there was a long silence as he reached for a tissue. He then said "It has been about 25 years when I first became acquanted with the Savior. It is a very sacred experience that I don't relate to people. It is to sacred to me. I was totally purged of every worldly desire when this happened. It was through this experience that I can say that I know that Jesus is the Christ and that God lives. It is through this experience that I can say I am one of the special witnesses of Christ". He was VERY emotional while he was relating this to us. He then proceeded to give an apostolic blessing to those present.
I have known many great spiritual people in my life, but none that hold a candle to this man. I have never felt such a power in the presence of another as I did today. There was power spoken, not words. I have never felt that kind of love before, nor seen such a reflection of what our Savior is like." –Tyler Livingston

The apostles and prophets are special witnesses of Christ, who have seen him, and know of his reality and divinity.  May we ever remember that.  

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