Sunday, March 20, 2016

We are preparing for the Last Days

I am going to relate something personal before the call to action on this.  My wife and I have had some very detailed impressions, dreams, and manifestations about the need to get Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness supplies.  We have even had visitations from the other side of the veil showing us what we needed to do, and returning to ask for updates periodically. We live in Utah.   

Then I spoke to my aunt, who is the Preparedness expert in her ward in Salt Lake, and she said there are people coming to her also reporting that they have had visions and impressions about the need to get prepared with food storage and emergency supplies, water, shelter,etc, and are convinced we have hard times ahead.  

It's as if the Lord is trying to prepare his people for the coming hard times.  I encourage each of you to pray, individually, as couples, and as families, about whether you should get your Food Storage and emergency preparedness supplies in order.  

It is important for each family to pray individually about this and ask the Lord if he would have you Prepare and get food and water and emergency supplies.   

Then, start studying about how to accumulate Food Storage.  The best is to store what you eat, and recycle it.  Note that if you were without power and heat, you would want to have canned goods on hand.  What would you do for heat for short term?  Would you have tents and bedding/sleeping bags or shelter in case your home was unlivable?  would you have enough water on hand?  Water is one of the most essential items to have.  

These and many more questions will come to mind as you begin a serious study of what you need to do.  But where to turn?  Each Ward has an Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Specialist, as does every Stake.  They are often excellent resources.  You need to make a plan, and often they will have Food Storage plans they can give you to get started.  

The church also has the Provident Living site, at .  You can find information on Emergency Preparedness, Food Storage, Finances, and more

Pages within that site include a form to order food storage from the church at

Also, a page with a list of home storage centers that you can go to so that you can get food storage at

Another is this article,

And Finally, you can use Google.  There are now so many resources online that you can use to help add to your Food Storage, and add to your knowlege of what to do.  

Please pray about this, and then develop a plan.  We as a people need to be ready for the coming hard times.  We are preparing for the Second Coming of the Savior, but we know that there will be hard times before that happens.  I pray that each of us will be seriously engaged in finding out if we need to prepare, and then following those promptings with action. 

And finally, prepare spiritually.  We are preparing to become a Zion people, one with the Lord.  May we ever do that.  Study and Pray, and follow Christ's example, and the words of the Prophets, and we will be prepared spiritually.  

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