Saturday, July 2, 2016

When Peace comes to all Nations

On this Holiday weekend, may we take some time to reflect on the Savior, whose Almighty Hand guided the forefathers of this country.  May we also reflect upon those who gave their lives so that we could worship God as we please.  

From the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier “They buried him among the kings because he had done good toward God and toward His house.” “In Christ shall all be made alive.” (whole talk here

May we all take the time to honor those who have served in the service of their countries, and have ever worshipped God.  Only through God will peace truly come.

For many of us live under the freedom they have paid for with their lives.   On this Freedom Day, may we ever look forward to the day when Christ shall come to rule and reign on earth.  For only through him will all wars cease.   

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Picture is Peace is Coming by Jon McNaughton.

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