Friday, September 16, 2016

"In Remembrance of Me"

Nearly two millennia earlier, the Savior sat in an upper room. The world was on the brink of another kind of war, a great struggle between good and evil, a very real battle for the souls of all men and women. Though surrounded by His beloved apostles, the weight of the world’s sorrows – past, present and future – rested on Him alone. No one else could comprehend what lay ahead in the dark shadows of Gethsemane or upon the rugged cross at Calvary.

This Last Supper marks the beginning of the end. Judas has silently departed and is on his way to complete his treacherous bargain. The time has come for Christ to “suffer all things.” Though understandably apprehensive, and wishing, even praying, that this cup might pass from Him, He nevertheless submitted His will to that of His Father. He went on to drink the bitter cup and drain the very dregs – because He loves us! In return He asks only that we remember Him, and in doing so, we are inspired to be more like Him.

Greg Olsen – 1999

Today we commemorate that as we partake of the sacrament each sabbath day.  We do it in remembrance of Christ.  May we ever be grateful for the sacrifice the Savior made for each of us.

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