Monday, September 19, 2016

Leading us home

Like a child in the woods I lost my way,
Alone and afraid I stopped to pray.

“Father in Heaven,” I cried in my need,
“Please guide me home, I’ll go where you lead.”

Like a light in the forest he sent down His Son,
My heart became warm, a new hope had begun.

“Take my hand and I’ll lead you,” I heard Him say,
“Stay by my side for I know the way.”

Now a child in the woods all filled with delight,
The journey is joyous as I walk in His light.

No longer alone in a shadow filled land,
He leads me home as we walk hand in hand.

Greg Olsen – 2007

As we take the Savior's hand, he will comfort us, strengthen us through the spirit, and will lead us home.  

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