Friday, October 7, 2016

How can I help Refugees and those in Disaster Areas? Ye have done it unto me

We have disasters that are happening all around us, and the recent one in Florida is just one of many.  How can we help?

Mormon Helping hands are always there to help out.  Even though we may be far away from the crisis, we can donate to the Global Humanitarian Fund on our tithing slips, or by going to the following link

In doing this, we help refugees, as we have been asked to help with a couple of General Conferences ago.  These funds also help provide disaster relief during times of crisis.  

In doing this, we are helping to fulfill the charge given in the Doctrine and Covenants and echoed by several apostles, including Elder Holland to "Lift the hands that hang down, and to strengthen the feeble knees." 

And at the last day Christ will welcome us into his kingdom, for he was an hungered, and we gave him meat, he was thirsty, and we gave him drink, naked, and clothed him.  For inasmuch as we have done this unto the least of these...we have done it unto him.  As Elder Eyring has said, when we seek to lift others, the Savior feels like we have lifted him.  

So many people need help in the world.  Can we turn a blind eye?  No, we need to help as we are able to.  

Please prayerfully ponder donating.  The church aid they give is done entirely by volunteers, it doesn't go anywhere else but aid those in need.  

Donate at

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