Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"I am the Good Shepherd, and am known of mine"

Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the World is the Good Shepherd.  He has said "I am the Good Shepherd, and am known of mine."  He also invites us to come unto him, and in him find rest.

Do we know the Shepherd?  Do we come unto him and in him find rest?  

In the old world, shepherds lead the sheep, they don't drive them.  The sheep follow the shepherd, and find protection from the wolves through him.  

Do we seek protection from the storms of life, from the temptations of the adversary, and seek comfort from the trials we face?  Do we turn away from television and movies, and instead study the scriptures or modern revelation?

Do we fill our lives with service to others, instead of turning on the digital distractions?  Do we keep the commandments and covenants, and turn to the Lord in all things?

As we do, we will find comfort, rest, and protection.  As the scriptures say, he will gather us, lift us, comfort us, and in the end, save us.  

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Picture is Great Redeemer by Brent Borup

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