Sunday, October 9, 2016

I am the Light of the World-The Light of Everlasting Life

In about ten places in scripture, the Savior states "I am the light of the world." In other places we are told that the Lord shall be an everlasting Light (Isaiah 60:19), that he is the law and the light (3 Nephi 15:9), and He will be a light unto us forever (2 Nephi 10:14).

The Lord has also been called the light which shineth in darkness (Doctrine and covenants 34,39, more).  This is apt, since he brings us from darkness unto light.

We are told in Alma that light is the light of everlasting life (Alma 19:6), or in other words, eternal life.  Life with our Father in Heaven, Savior Jesus Christ, and our families forever.  

It will then be that we become one in purpose in the salvation of souls with them, as Christ asked for in the Great Intercessory Prayer.  

May we ever seek out that Light in our lives, and seek to become one with them, so that when we return home, we will be clean, and pure, and prepared to continue in the work of the Lord.  

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