Monday, October 24, 2016

Samuel the Lamanite; "Blessed are they who will repent and turn unto me"

Listen to some of the words of Samuel the Lamanite about coming to Christ.  These same words echo to us today;

"nothing can save this people save it be repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, who surely shall come into the world, and shall suffer many things and shall be slain for his people.

And behold, an angel of the Lord hath declared it unto me, and he did bring glad tidings to my soul. And behold, I was sent unto you to declare it unto you also, that ye might have glad tidings; but behold ye would not receive me...

But if ye will repent and return unto the Lord your God I will turn away mine anger, saith the Lord; yea, thus saith the Lord, blessed are they who will repent and turn unto me, but wo unto him that repenteth not." (more at,11)

Where are we on this scale?  Are we valiant in our testimony of the truth, or do we need to repent in areas of our lives to bring our lives more in harmony with what the Lord teaches?  

President Benson said we live in an age similar to the times of Samuel the Lamanite, and 3rd Nephi, and so it is important that we dedicate ourselves to the Savior, and live our lives in his service to prepare for his second coming.

May we ever do that.  For in that service is the true joy of life. 

Samuel prophesied many things about the coming of Christ, and how the people in the Americas would know he had come.  You may find his words at 

This is from the Book of Mormon.  Along with the Bible, Christ's words are in the Book of Mormon. Find out for yourself and read the Promise of the Book of Mormon online now at or get a free copy at

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