Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They Assembled...to cast in their voices. May we do the same today

"Therefore, it came to pass that they assembled themselves together in bodies throughout the land, to cast in their voices concerning who should be their judges, to judge them according to the law which had been given them; and they were exceedingly rejoiced because of the liberty which had been granted unto them." Mosiah 29:39

The Brethren have counselled us this year to participate in the political process, and to exercise our right to vote, and have encouraged us to choose candidates who best embody gospel principles, at the same time maintaining political neutrality, and advising that principles of the Gospel may be found in the platforms of various political parties. See the statement at http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/first-presidency-2016-letter-political-participation 

May we exercise our right to vote today, because it is our chance to stand strong for the principles we hold dear.  

Additionally, at this election time, I encourage people not to demonize others who vote differently than they do.  The Lord has stated that contention is not of him, and we would be wise to follow that counsel.  

It prevents us from becoming the Zion people we are meant to become.  To be united in the gospel of Christ. 

May we ever remember that.  

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