Friday, December 2, 2016

The Guardians, the Angels of Christmas

Nativity figures from their box are retrieved,
Near a crackling fire on a Christmas Eve.
Each is unwrapped with excited haste,
Then slowly, carefully, thoughtfully placed.
The scene comes to life when viewed by a child,
The babe seems to stir, and the mother just smiled.
Safeguarded here and kept far from danger,
The baby is kissed and laid in a manger.
This night is for children,
and their spirits can lift us,
They are the magic, the guardians,
the “Angels of Christmas”
-Greg Olsen, the artist of this picture.

When seen through the eyes of a pure-minded child, Christmas becomes more meaningful as we remember what the season is really about. May we ever remember him, this season, and always.

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