Friday, April 28, 2017

Are we as little children, so we can return to the presence of God?

How many who have asked a little child to do something have seen how trusting and innocent they are?  And the questions they ask are sweet and pure.  Though they may grumble a bit, they often are obedient to their parents wishes.

No doubt the Savior loved being around children, for he whose mind was pure, loved those pure minded children who were so easy to recognize who he was, and wanted to obey him.  

Many of us have heard the scripture that we are to become as little children, or we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.  These qualities of young children can help us to return to the presence of the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.  

Are we true disciples?  Do we obey the commands of the Lord?  when we learn something in church or reading the scripture, do we obey, or do we find some way to excuse our behavior? 

Children get excited and go and do.  They get excited when new things are presented to them, and they naturally have the spirit telling them that they can do anything they set their minds and hearts to. 

when we learn something new from the scriptures, do we pray about it, and then set about excitedly to change our lives to become more like our Father in Heaven?  Do we do as little children?

Do we let virtue garnish our thoughts unceasingly, so that our confidence may wax strong in the presence of God?  Little children are like that normally.  

There are little ways that we can just change,  and as President Hinckley said, small hinges can turn big doors.  

Remember that none of this is possible without the atonement of Jesus Christ.  And because he has the power to redeem us, He will give us everything we need to become more like little children and more like him if we will humble ourselves.  

Do we pray to become more like the Savior, to become more trusting and obedient?  Is it possible for the Lord to help us on our path?

I promise you he will, and will help each of us, and he won't give us more than we can handle without him to help us through it.  

I testify that as we seek to become more like our Father in Heaven, and seek to become more like little children, he can and will help us, and we will experience a joy beyond compare. 

That we may ever trust the Savior, as little children, and return back to his safe embrace, is my prayer. 

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Picture is In Return by Jared Barnes

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