Saturday, April 29, 2017

Christ is the Light of The World, and gives that Light to us

The Lord is the light of the world.  In this picture, we see a light coming from the sun, there as the Son of God is sitting with children, looking over Galilee, and indeed over creation.  

The Savior referred to himself as the Light of the World many times, including the following;

"I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8:12).

The light illuminates all it touches, and it emanates from the Savior.  He also said "I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness." (John 12:46)

Do we understand the import of those statements?  He is the source of all light in the world, and as we follow him, we will have that light in our lives. 

If we have the light of the world, the light that comes from Christ, we are told in Modern Revelation that a body filled with light comprehendeth all things (Doctrine and Covenants 88:67).  

As the source of light, the Savior comprehendeth all things, from before the beginning of time into the eternities and beyond.  

And if we believe and follow him, as the scriptures say, we can comprehend all things, even as Christ does.  And we can be filled with the light that comes from him, and from the presence of the Father.

What a glorious promise.  That we may come unto Christ, and follow him, and that we may be filled with his light, is my prayer.  

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