Monday, June 19, 2017

Lehi sees Christ, The Apostles, and the Entire Plan of Salvation

The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, begins testifying of Christ and his coming at the very start.  Many of us are familiar with the first verse of the Book of Mormon, but do we ponder the import of other parts of the first chapter?  We here read what Lehi experienced;

And it came to pass as he prayed unto the Lord, there came a pillar of fire and dwelt upon a rock before him; and he saw and heard much; and because of the things which he saw and heard he did quake and tremble exceedingly.

And it came to pass that he returned to his own house at Jerusalem; and he cast himself upon his bed, being overcome with the Spirit and the things which he had seen.

And being thus overcome with the Spirit, he was carried away in a vision, even that he saw the heavens open, and he thought he saw God sitting upon his throne, surrounded with numberless concourses of angels in the attitude of singing and praising their God.

And it came to pass that he saw One descending out of the midst of heaven, and he beheld that his luster was above that of the sun at noon-day.

And he also saw twelve others following him, and their brightness did exceed that of the stars in the firmament.

And they came down and went forth upon the face of the earth;" (1 Nephi 1:6-11).  

After this, we see the Apostles came and ministered unto Lehi, showed him the plan of salvation, and seeing that he was filled with joy, so much so that he exclaimed;

"Great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord God Almighty! Thy throne is high in the heavens, and thy power, and goodness, and mercy are over all the inhabitants of the earth; and, because thou art merciful, thou wilt not suffer those who come unto thee that they shall perish!

And after this manner was the language of my father in the praising of his God; for his soul did rejoice, and his whole heart was filled, because of the things which he had seen, yea, which the Lord had shown unto him" (1 Nephi 1:14-15).

From the beginning we see the Lord had given the plan of salvation to earlier prophets like  Lehi, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and many other Old Testament and New Testament prophets.  And we now have that today.  

May we ponder these words that are a part of the fulness of the everlasting gospel, that is now being preached to the 4 corners of the earth.  That stone cut without hands is rolling forth to cover the earth, and the Lord is bringing to pass his great and marvellous work among the children of men. 

Christ himself, the chief cornerstone, is he of whom was prophesied, and stands at the head of this Great work.  

May we ever be grateful for Christ, and for the principles of his Gospel contained in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, is my prayer.  

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