Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lyman Wight's vision of seeing the Savior on the right hand of God

For the 4th General Conference of the Church, held Friday June 3, 1831, There were many manifestations of the spirit, including an incredible vision seen by Lyman Wight, a member of the quorum of the twelve apostles.  The account is below;

"During the conference the Spirit was with the Prophet in an “unusual manner. The spirit of prophecy also rested upon Lyman Wight: “He said the coming of the Savior should be like the sun rising in the east, and will cover the whole earth.” He predicted that some of the brethren would suffer martyrdom for the sake of their religion and would seal their testimony of Christ with their blood. The Prophet Joseph, Harvey Whitlock, and Lyman Wight saw the heavens open and Jesus Christ sitting on the right hand of the Father. Lyman testified that he saw the Son of God making intercession to the Father for the Saints"
(BYU Archives)

As the song says, "The visions and blessings of old are returning, and angels are coming to visit the earth."  And God has come again to the earth, to help prepare it for the time that he will come again to rule and reign upon the earth.

We can come to know that he is real, can come to feel of his love through the spirit, and can in that way, become one with him and the Father.

That we may ever come to know that he is real, through the spirit, is my prayer. 

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