Saturday, June 17, 2017

Noble expression of Fatherhood with Our Earthy Fathers, and our Heavenly Father

"The perfect, divine expression of fatherhood is our Heavenly Father. His character and attributes include abundant goodness and perfect love. His work and glory are the development, happiness, and eternal life of His children.6 Fathers in this fallen world can claim nothing comparable to the Majesty on High, but at their best, they are striving to emulate Him, and they indeed labor in His work. They are honored with a remarkable and sobering trust." -D Todd Christofferson (Read more at

May we Honor the Fathers in our lives, for righteous fathers seek to do the work of our Father in Heaven, and to raise their children in righteousness. 

Even more than we honor the Fathers in our lives, may we honor our Father in Heaven, who provided this great plan of salvation, so that we could return back to his presence again.  And so that along the way, as we turn to him in prayer, we can feel him near. 

Christ lives, and his words are in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I know they are God's words. God Showed prophets what to include in the Book of Mormon for our day. Read the Promise of the Book of Mormon online now at or get a free copy at

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