Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We join hands with Saints across time

"And it came to pass that in this same year there was exceedingly great prosperity in the church, insomuch that there were thousands who did join themselves unto the church and were baptized unto repentance.

And so great was the prosperity of the church, and so many the blessings which were poured out upon the people, that even the high priests and the teachers were themselves astonished beyond measure.

And it came to pass that the work of the Lord did prosper unto the baptizing and uniting to the church of God, many souls, yea, even tens of thousands.

Thus we may see that the Lord is merciful unto all who will, in the sincerity of their hearts, call upon his holy name.

Yea, thus we see that the gate of heaven is open unto all, even to those who will believe on the name of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God"  (Helaman 3:24-28).

Often we in our day read the Book of Mormon, and forget these were real people, who came to the gospel, just as hundreds of thousands per year come to the gospel today.

We figuratively join hands with saints across time who came unto Christ and in him found salvation.  

May we ever come unto Christ, for those who have gone before look over us, and are hoping we will stand strong in the Faith of Christ, as they did.

And as we read of their faith, may ours be strengthened by the spirit, is my prayer. 

This comes from the Book of Mormon. Find out more about Christ by reading it, Along with the Bible. Read the Promise of the Book of Mormon online now at or get a free copy at

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